The debate has been raging for centuries: Can the personal become universal?
Nowhere has the argument been as persistent as in the love song.
Falling in love. Nurturing love. Losing love. Burying love. And mourning lost love.
These have been the pillars of songwriting for centuries.

After an extended period of personal turmoil Matteo Bordin and Davide Zolli sat down to summarize their experiences in verse, rhythm and melody and the result is a sharing of pain, longing, anger and beauty - but also a response to this ancient question.
You Are The Reason For My Troubles is a caleidoscopic record of love lost and the great unkown - the next step. Musically the record is a hommage of sorts - a hommage to the one you lost but also a hommage to past pioneers of broken beauty in music.
The Mojomatics do not disguise their love and admiration for the musical forefathers.
They celebrate them. The melodic structures of The Byrds and The Kinks, the interplay of the primal and the delicate often found in early Rolling Stones and electric Dylan records and finally the musical DNA that it’s all based on – Folk and Blues – it’s all here.

You Are The Reason For My Troubles hits your heart with its authentic soul and the analog taste.
The vintage touch can be seen everywhere: from the wholly analog recordings to the cover artwork. The Mojomatics spent three years working on the songs presented here. The majority of time and effort were dedicated to discarding tracks that watered down the bitter sweet essence of the record. Often times one gets the impression You Are The Reason For My Troubles is less of an album and more of a singles collection that spans a 20 year career.
So recline, pull the blinds down, be alone and lower the needle on The Mojomatics’ You Are The Reason For My Troubles – you’ll be surprised how well you already know them.

(M.A.Littler - february 2012)